Ch ch ch changes…

When Back2Blues started it was with the intention of bringing Blues music to more dancers and we created our Blues dance classes to cater for the increasing demand from our patrons. Over the years we have run workshops, classes and socials and hope we have helped grow the dance community in our local area and beyond, as well as supplied high quality teaching in multiple dance styles to incorporate into your social dancing.

It has always been part of our vision to encourage our patrons to visit other providers and experience the great diversity of events happening around us. We regularly promote road trips to other events where people can travel together and enjoy meeting new dancers and become more familiar with this smaller part of the dance scene. We will continue to recommend events from many promoters.

Our commitment to Blues music and dancing remains the same but we are aware these socials are not always viable commercially offering exclusively Blues music. With this in mind we have widened our music policy to include any music that is inspiring to creative dancers but we do promise we will always bring it Back2Blues and insist our DJs all play some Blues throughout the night.WCS


You may have noticed we are also offering West Coast Swing workshops and masterclasses now too. These run separately from our Blues workshops even if on the same day but we do all join together for a Freedom Freestyle where we just let the magic happen on the dance floor and dance afterwards.

There are many similarities between WCS and Blues dancing, there are obvious differences too of course but it is perfectly possible for Blues & WCS dancers to dance to the same music and even to dance together. Smooth Jive and the SILC syllabus all lend themselves to dancing to this music and even fusing it all together into a creative dance melting pot…you are only limited by your own imagination.

Back2Blues has chosen to use the name The Westie Wing to help identify any West Coast Swing workshops from the Blues ones we offer, so please like our page to be kept up to date with all things Westie at the Royston. Our Back2Blues page and group are still the best places to be kept up to date with all events.

Posted: Fri 13 Jan 17