Blues Dancing London

London is lucky to have many choices if you want to go Blues dancing in the capital. What became evident from going round trying these places out was, the clubs seem to be divided by the type of Blues they play and/ or dance. This division and a hot debate, surround the topic of Blues dancing and can be found on forums all over the internet.


On one hand we have the ‘Authentic Blues’ clubs where the music played seems to have a more retro feel and the dancing is based in the more traditional American style, sometimes called Jukin’. This style has strong links to Swing dancing and is often taught by the same teachers who dance both styles.

The other hand encapsulates what is being termed as ‘Neo-Blues’ or ‘Smooth Blues’ and can often be found in second rooms in many Modern Jive venues and weekenders. There are a number of teachers/ clubs who now specialise in this format and it is certainly a growing trend which shows no signs of slowing down. The music policy is often mixed and includes other genres not purely blues.


This is where Back2Blues comes into the equation. We love Blues music from all eras and enjoy social dancing in a Blues style to interpret the music playing and how we are feeling in that moment. We aim to provide venues where it is all about the Blues and you can feel free to express yourself through dance.

There is so much excellent Blues music around from more vintage tracks by the likes of Son House to modern day Blues by Hamilton Loomis, you will find it all at Back2Blues. We strive to find DJs that understand what makes music great to dance to and who love the Blues. Essentially that is all we want at our events, great Blues music to dance to!

Please revisit this page as will be regularly posting clips of Blues dancing which we hope will inspire you and perhaps give you content to incorporate into your own dance style.


The aim here is to bring you clips of Blues dancing for you to enjoy. A lot of what is on the net features mainly ‘Authentic/ Traditional Blues’ but as here, we will try to showcase other styles too and will even look to include West Coast Swing dancers dancing to Blues tracks, cross pollination of styles is what we find really exciting.


Blues dancing is generally in response to slower music but this is not absolutely true as there are plenty of up tempo tunes to dance to also. There are crossovers from different styles and Blues dancing can incorporate moves from many including Swing, Lindy and Tango.

Blues dancing is often thought to have a sensual quality, probably due to the close hold positions used frequently and the rhythmic swaying of the hips. It is fair to say that each dancer is in control of their own space and what they feel comfortable with, so it is possible to dance in a Blues style in a way that works for you and each partner you dance with.

You can use an open or close hold including ‘shadow position’  (where the man is behind the woman), during Blues dancing and the hold changes regularly throughout the dance. Other times during the dance you are working at extension and by keeping a shared centre of balance the lead can communicate to the follow effectively.

Plan to feature classic Blues moves in Youtube tutorials for you to look at and choose which might work for you. So please keep popping back.